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How can an author find book bloggers?

by Molly Blaisdell

Once you have published your book, you will want others to know about it. One great way to gain free publicity for your book is by contacting book bloggers. Book bloggers are book-o-philes who review books and interview authors. How do you find book bloggers who will share the good news of your published book? Where do you look? 

First you need to know what genre your book fits in. You are a newbie if you think your book is for everybody. Your book must fit in a specific genre in the marketplace to find success. You must define the genre before contacting book bloggers. Don't waste your time and theirs. YA, or mysteries, or steampunk -- identify your genre and head out into vast web. You are ready. 

There are many directory sites that list book bloggers. One general one is This catch-all list of book blogs powered by Blog Nation offers book blogs that represent all genres. Follow the links to the blogs that fit your content. Good news! Bloggers have very connected communities. Many blogs will be linked to similar blogs. Keep a list of the ones that fit your genre. Another site that might help you find blogs that connect with your content is the Book Blogger Directory. This site covers fiction, non-fiction, YA, and religious book blogs. Each section is further divided into subcatgories to help you find the blogs that are most applicable to you. 

Some genres have entire organizations that are dedicated to book blogging. One is Kidlitosphere -- The Society of Bloggers in Children's and Young Adult Literature. This site has an extensive list of children's literature book bloggers. Another way blogging is divided is by publishing type. Some bloggers only blog about e-books, others blog about traditionally published books, and others blog about indie books. Authors who choose self-publishing may find that traditional publishing bloggers won't review their books. Independent authors need to check out The Indie Book Blog Database to be sure their book gets the coverage it deserves. This extensive blog database lists blogs for most genres and is great place to start you search. 

Don't sell short your network when trying to identify book bloggers. Email your friends and collegues and ask them what blogs they are reading. You will find some of your network will actually know bloggers. Think what great help will this be when you reach out to bloggers with your book. You are more likely to be reviewed if you leverage your network. Another avenue is local librarians and book sellers. These folks love books and already read blogs. No one person has the time to read all the blogs. Don't do all the work yourself. Finally look for blogs that fans are already reading to best share your book with the Web. 

Check these sites and reach out to your network, even if you book isn't finished yet. It's never too early to think about marketing and finding book bloggers is a piece of the puzzle.

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