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A video press release contains similar content as a standard release, except it is in a movie format that you can see online or download onto your computer.

With a video press release you are announcing something, whether it is your book, an event at which you’ll present, or an interview that is coming up. You’ll do the same thing in this style as you would in a written press release; that is, announce your book, where it is to be published and when it will be in the bookstores. But instead of writing your book release, you’ll be showing your book cover and talking about your book. You can even turn it into a mini-movie format, similar to a book trailer.

Making video press releases is easier than you may think. Many of today’s computers have built-in video cameras that come with free software enabling you to record yourself introducing your book and holding it up, just like the pros do on TV. And it’s an easy step to post your video to a site such as, which will quickly give you worldwide exposure.

Another method to create video press releases is to use advanced software. This software may require you to upload images, descriptions and other items to include with your press release. There are a wide range of prices and different capabilities, so make sure the software you buy is within your budget and specifications. You can edit your video, save it in a number of formats, and upload it automatically to video websites such as Some software programs, such as Sony Vegas 8 and Adobe, have features specifically designed for making a video press release.

There are free software packages that may have come with your computer when you purchased it, such as Windows Movie Maker. Also, Muvee, the basic version, allows you to use its templates to upload images and music to enhance your video.

You can also use a professional service to create your video press release. Companies such as and provide creation and distribution services. If you conduct an Internet search for “Video News Release” you can find other companies as well as guidelines for creating great video news releases.

If you decide to make a video press release, write a script of what you will say and what images to use. Also, have someone else preview it to see if more editing is needed. Since the video is promoting you and your work, you want it to be as carefully crafted as possible.

If you do those simple things, you’ll produce a video press release that will help you market your work in a whole new and different way.

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