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For an independent author, a big concern is whether his book is going to reach its intended audience. After you've finished the process of creating your masterpiece, what should you do? With a few simple ideas for publicity in your arsenal, you'll be thinking like the pros and reaping the rewards as well.
The first option is to make Blog tours, which are like TV and radio appearances, except they take place online. With today's technology everything ends up on the Internet, even book tours. Instead of employing a publicist or a firm to get you booked on a geographic tour, you can now book your own “blog tour.” On a blog tour, you'll “tour” around book reviews and heavily visited fan blogs. You’ll give email interviews, guest blogs, and organize special giveaways. These activities will instantly put you in front of the readers of busy sites. To set up a blog tour, either go to sites, such as, or simply search out a dozen or so related fan blogs and review sites and request a “stop” at each one. They're used to such requests and, if interested, will respond directly about available slots and scheduling.

Another option is to do a “local author” book reading and book signing. Leverage your unique locality by going to the public library and offering to present a book reading and discussion by a local author. Offer to set up a raffle that will give away a few copies of your book or will give out coupons that enable recipients to download a copy of your book from the Web. Provide a print-ready copy of your cover art for posters promoting the event. While you're at it, re-format the poster into bookmarks, and give these away before and after the event, as additional promotion materials.
Book readings and signings also work at locally owned independent and used book stores. Offer similar giveaways, but also bring extra copies of your book to sign if anyone wants to buy it.

Don’t just cover the bases on your personally run publicity tour. Also leverage your social media reach. Using Twitter, host a “viral” giveaway contest that will not only build your followers but will also increase your book downloads and possibly its reviews.
Simply tweet some variation of this:

“FREE copy of my new book, “TITLE HERE,” if you just follow @YOURNAME and re-tweet this message.”
Be sure to leave blank at least 25 characters for re-tweet formatting. Then be sure to tweet your message throughout the day, a few days a week. If you stagger your tweets, you’ll be sure to reach everyone, regardless of their schedule.

Regardless of your other plans, use these tips to your advantage. Because who is better equipped to promote your book than you?

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