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The dream of every writer is to publish a book. But maybe you’ve never had the tools needed to get from starting that first page to holding your book in your hands.

 You have the ability. And you probably have lots of great ideas. All you really need is the motivation and the means to turn your writing potential into a published work and market your book to the audience it deserves. 

That’s where the Author Learning Center comes in. It has everything a writer needs - from tips to tools to an online support network - to make your goal of publishing your book a reality. 

 Here you’ll discover three resources you won’t find anywhere else: 

 First, you’ll have continuous access to how-to author advice from experts in the fields of writing, publishing and marketing. It’s a wealth of innovative information available in a variety of learning formats, including Live and on-demand webinars; Podcasts; Articles; and Ask-the-Expert videos. 

Second, you’ll have your own Author’s Space. Here, you can build a profile, and get recommendations on additional topics you might want to consider based on your book and your goals. 

Third, and perhaps most important, you’ll have access to your own Book Development Tool. This online dashboard will help you stay on schedule for your desired publication date and offer task-specific content when you need it most. 

 And for valuable one-on-one advice on the best writing, publishing and marketing approaches, you’ll have the ability to build your own Author’s Community to motivate, critique and promote your work through a group of individuals with whom you can share your progress, while they inspire you on through your final goal—a published book.

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Hi! This is my first attempt at writing a book. I have wanted to write a book for some years now but did not know where to start. I am hoping that someone with experience out there will take me under their umbrella and guide me as I am writing my book entitled A LOST INHERITANCE. My email address is and my mobile is +61451101545

There are obvious or common challenges that we writers are facing and are: to get a book published due to lack of funds, lack of sponsors , no investors. But if we can unite and work as a team , we can tackle and get all such problems solved, please lets unite, leave your message of interest of co writing our book on these site or email me, I'm a very open person, no one is perfec or cleverness than onje another, but we are all learning through teaching one another & unity , unity is power, power is prosperity. Also I'm seeking for sponsors which I can attach on our book, not forgetting investors, please if you have any idea about the latter or interested sponsor, don't hesitate to post or email me or phone me, let us not be shy, writers are open and democratic people like myself, thanks, Belief, note that many people call me Belief , fine tuning the name Billy

Hi writers and authors, I hope you are well, the major reason why I leave this comment is because that I'm looking for co -writer or co-authors of the book I'm busy with called FACEBOOK FRIENDS LIFE COACHING BOOK, the purpose of these book is to enhance and change lives & behavior of Facebook community around the world, help FB community economically such as biz coach, enablement happiness to our world community, unite , fight against violence , crime through these book. As well as making money for our selves as writers by selling the book to whole community of Facebook, it will be easier to published it with UK Author House because we can contribute and raise funds for publishing it , marketing, and more. There's a lot we can include, our innovation and talent that is in me and you, so please , time is money, sooner the better, email me on, phone: +2771 948 7338, please be free to ask any question, remember we are learning and teaching one another through healthy information, thanks , any writer or member can make a comment here , did I speak or approach well? Please be open if I have stepped your toes so that i can apologise

This is my first ever to find some guidelines how to get my ideas in form of communicating through writing! I hope what is being offered be as helpful as I need to get going. I have so many ideas and have started so many --some unfinished-- books that reflects my life experience and travels to so many countries. I need help and directions which seems to be available, by those who already have travelled this road.

Just getting started and this looks like a wonderful resource. Looking forward to sharing with all.

Author's space is inviting and encourages to me to ask questions, get answers to help solve problems, plus creatively expressing myself.

Thank you for the great tool. Will be exploring it as I get into the chunk of writing. I'm really just starting, and I enjoyed the end comment on the DVD stating that we have a book in us. Looking forward to the journey of unleashing the paragraphs. Also look forward to get to know other authors along the way and encourage one another. Happy writing to all!

I also would like to know how to add your website for supporters. Mt friends do not have a clue on critique or could give sound advice. It would be my understanding this site has professional supporters for first time authors. Please advise if this is a misunderstanding.

Hi Nancy, you can add up to seven people in your author circle, they don't have to be ALC members to be in your circle. We are working to make access to the site even easier, so stay tuned!

Monique Carden Hello, I too am trying to get started I am also asking for help and support, I too am looking for names and emails. How do I get in touch with my person who will be checking with me, this is also my first book as well.

My only child died May, 2014. She left a manuscript of her experiences living with severe sickle cell disease. As her mother, it is my desire, with all the help I can get, to publish her story.

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