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Whether you are a new author or an established author, having a solid book marketing strategy in place can greatly impact your level of success. There are several facets of a good, integrated book marketing campaign. Two key components that are critical - but also challenging for authors to navigate - are traditional media and public relations.

In this webinar session, author and communications expert A.G. Billig will review the 5 necessary steps to increase your exposure, and ultimately, your book sales, through traditional media and PR initiatives:

1. Creating a plan

2. Building your media tribe

3. Building long-lasting relationships

4. Preparation

5. Leveraging appearances

A.G. Billig is a bestselling published author of fiction and nonfiction books. As founder of Self-Publishing Mastery, she uses her book marketing and publishing expertise to help authors become successful. She has a BA in Languages and Literatures (English and French) and a Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Communication. For the past ten years, she has hosted and produced radio and TV shows, built awareness and drove sales for various international brands as a PR and marketing expert, and created online courses for authors. Her writing and publishing career spans two continents – Europe and North America, and four different countries – the U.S., Great Britain, Ireland, and Romania. She also consults to the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society and West Coast Writers Conferences on marketing, brand building, and other related areas.