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Congratulations on publishing your book! It was a long journey but you finally made it. Now that your story is out in the world, what’s next? Just sit back and wait for readers to find you? Think again. Now it's time to shift gears and you’re going to need a plan. Sure, you know social media is a good place to start but do you know how to use it to attract new readers? Maybe you’ve been to a book signing and enjoyed meeting your favorite author face-to-face but do you know how to set up your own event? Whether you’ve just published your first book or you’re a veteran, there is always something to learn. Join author Douglas Gardham in this exclusive ALC webinar to discover how to make the most out of marketing your book to readers, and have fun doing it.

Douglas Gardham is the author of The Drive In (a collection of short stories), the bestselling STARBook award novel The Actor and the soon to be published sequel, The Musician. Writing found him as a teenager and never let him go. Though spending most of his career in engineering and manufacturing, he wrote almost everyday. When The Actor was published in 2013 he started to write full-time. The Globe and Mail (Canada’s national newspaper) featured his story in a front page article in their Globe Arts section.