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This webinar will go over what an author can expect from working with a literary publicist, as well as detailed examples of what is involved in a publicity campaign. Freelance publicist and communications professional Lindsey Gobel will talk about what the purpose of a publicity campaign is, and what a publicist does and doesn’t do. She will also cover how an author can make the most of his or her campaign and help make the most of the process.

• The session will begin with the intro call and what Gobel would normally go over when she first “meets” an author. Then, she will talk about planning documents that she uses with the author during the campaign: the strategic campaign plan, the timeline and the press release. She will explain what these are and how to use them in a literary campaign.
• Next, Gobel will explain the weekly reports she sends to authors during a campaign. She will talk about the importance of communication and involving the author in the process so that he or she can follow along with the campaign and can keep on top of anything needed throughout the campaign.
• Finally, Gobel will talk about the end of the campaign. She will go over what is included in the final report she sends to her authors, and what the next steps are going forward. Participants will learn what outcomes are typical and what happens after the process of active pitching to the media is over.

This webinar will explain the importance of working with a publicist to give the author the best launching point for spreading their message, as well as how a publicity campaign works and what they can expect during and after the process.

About the Presenter:

Lindsey Gobel is a freelance publicist and communications professional with over 15 years of experience. She creates and manages publicity campaigns for clients in multiple industries, as well as works on a consulting basis with various firms to assist with branding and marketing strategies, creative concepts and business plans. Gobel’s services have been contracted to ghostwrite books for two professional athletes, which have been published and are sold at national retail chains. She recently wrote a Tedx Talk that was performed in September of 2018. Her work has been featured in numerous print publications, as well as national media outlets such as ESPN, FOX News, The Today Show and Wake Up with Al. You can check out more publicity tips from Gobel at: