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Congratulations on publishing your book! Long though the journey may have been, you’ve finally made it; your book is out for the world to read. Now what? There’s a lot you can do to create awareness, but what usually makes a big impression and is often taken for granted is in-person events and media interviews. You’ve seen interviews on television and heard them on the radio. Everything sounds natural and personal but don’t be fooled, those in the interview are working hard and are usually well-prepared and rehearsed to sound natural and personal. Join author Douglas Gardham in this exclusive ALC webinar that talks about preparing for your in-person events and media interviews. From writing a script to rehearsing and delivering it, Douglas will cover aspects that he’s learned on his journey that will help you gain new readers and have fun doing it.

About the Presenter:
Douglas Gardham is the author of The Drive-In (a collection of short stories), the bestselling STARBook award novel The Actor and his newly published sequel, The Musician. Though spending most of his career in engineering and manufacturing, he wrote almost every day. When The Actor was published in 2013 he decided to make what he already considered his life’s work—actually his life’s work—and began writing full-time. The Globe and Mail (Canada’s national newspaper) has featured him twice in both its Globe Arts and Pursuits sections. He’s been featured in many TV, radio and print interviews, has over 120,000 twitter followers and has completed over 300 book events.