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Twitter can be the best, most fun waste of time you can ever have. For authors, it can be one of the GREATEST tools you'll ever use for promoting your books and speaking engagements, networking with other writers, finding new readers for your work, and stalking your favorite authors. But, there's a right way and a wrong way to do Twitter, a good way and an ineffective way. Social media and personal branding expert Erik Deckers will show you the best practices for starting and growing your Twitter network, how to use it properly, and the one big etiquette rule many authors accidentally break.

About the Presenter:

Erik Deckers is the president of Pro Blog Service, a content marketing agency with clients throughout the United States. He is also the co-author of Branding Yourself, No Bull**** Social Media, and The Owned Media Doctrine. Erik has been blogging since 1997, and a newspaper humor columnist since 1994. He has written several radio and stage plays, and numerous business articles. Erik was the Spring 2016 writer-in-residence at the Jack Kerouac House in Orlando, FL, and now serves on their board of directors.