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If you are an author, chances are you have heard people talking about keywords. But what exactly are keywords in the publishing world and why are they so important? New Shelves Books executive director Keri-Rae Barnum is back at the Author Learning Center to guide you through a step-by-step breakdown of what kind of keywords you will need to successfully market your book, where to find them and how to use them. She will cover:

• What a keyword is and why you need them 
• How to create your keyword list 
• 7 ways to use keywords to boost your book's visibility and sales (one of the ways includes Amazon, so you might find it helpful to view Keri-Rae's previously recorded session "Amazon Algorithms 101" before this session)

About the Presenter: 
Keri-Rae Barnum is the Executive Director of New Shelves Books. Over the last few years, Keri has parlayed her 15 years of varied marketing experiences and turned her attention to book sales and marketing. Her focus and strengths are helping publishers and authors skip the “learning curve” and become truly successful at advertising, review acquisition and book sales online, in libraries, and in stores. She is a keyword expert and creator of highly successful Amazon and online ads. She can be found at