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Have you ever wondered if you could sell more books with Amazon ads? Until recently, this was a question that was destined to go unanswered for many authors. However, in the spring of 2022 Amazon announced that all authors – regardless of if they were traditionally, self or assisted published – were gaining access to Amazon ads. While this opens a new window of opportunity for many authors, it also leads to new questions.

•  What kind of books have the best chance of success with Amazon ads?
•  How do you get started running ads on Amazon and how much will it cost?
•  What kind of resources are available to teach authors more about Amazon ads?

We’re bringing in publishing and marketing expert Keri-Rae Barnum to answer these questions and more. Join us on the live webinar training to find out if Amazon Ads are right for you.

About the Presenter:
Keri-Rae Barnum is the Executive Director of New Shelves Books. Over the last few years, Keri has parlayed her 15 years of varied marketing experiences and turned her attention to book sales and marketing. Her focus and strengths are helping publishers and authors skip the “learning curve” and become truly successful at advertising, review acquisition and book sales online, in libraries, and in stores. She is a keyword expert and creator of highly successful Amazon and online ads. She can be found at

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