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Gone are the days where authors should try to reach everyone (and hint: that isn’t effective anyway). Instead, we now know to go big, you have to go small, and when it comes to visibility, the macro-media approach just doesn’t compare to the micro options.

Podcasting offers great opportunities to reach new people in new ways… and in ways that they consume information. Being a guest on podcasts plays an important role in any author’s marketing efforts and for some, hosting a podcast can be a valuable tactic in their marketing plans. Due to their niche nature, podcast guesting and hosting allows authors to reach their readers and fast.

Stephanie Feger, owner and chief strategist of the emPower PR Group, has not only utilized podcasting (both hosting and guesting) as a podcast strategy in her book marketing efforts, but she helps authors learn how to find them, how to pitch them and how to leverage them as well.

As the host of The emPowered Author Podcast, she has seen firsthand the value of a podcast as a marketing solution in her book marketing efforts, and as a regular podcast guest, she knows the ins and outs of how to not just be a desired guest, but how to leverage that guest opportunity best.

As a 20+ year marketing strategist, Stephanie shares her expertise, insights and laser-focused strategies and tactics to help authors make their author emPact.

Attendees can expect to gain insights on podcast guesting by:
• Learning the value of podcast guesting to assist with marketing a message, a book and a business.
• Gaining clarity on what is needed to not just get selected as a podcast guest but leverage that guesting opportunity to increase book sales.
• Uncovering how podcast guesting can play a larger role in in-bound marketing strategies and how it draws your ideal readers and clients to you.

Attendees can expect to gain insights on podcast hosting by:
• Discovering if it aligns with your strategies and, if so, learning the value that hosting can offer authors.
• Learning unique ways podcasts can be used in book launches, authorpreneur efforts, marketing tools and more.
• Gathering tips on how to measure success and leverage a podcast best.

Whether you have guested on podcasts (or wanted to) or host your own podcast (or have dreamed of it), this workshop is designed to offer authors with both insights and action steps to maximize their visibility, reach and engagement through one of the most effective micro-media options available, podcasting.

About the Presenter:
Stephanie Feger, owner and chief strategist of the emPower PR Group, is passionate about emPowering nonfiction writers, authors and authorpreneurs with laser-focused marketing strategies and tactics to help them write books that sell, promote their books to those who need and want them most, and build a meaningful business from a message that is emPowering. As an author of three books herself—including her newly released book, "Make Your Author emPact"—Stephanie merges her love for writing books and her skillset in marketing them, to help nonfiction authors make their author emPact. She doesn’t believe in movement without strategy, and always keeps strategy front and center. She has also seen how emPowered people emPower people. In fact, her business is built around it! Learn more at

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