Micki Browning On How Being a Police Officer Has Influenced Her Writing

Author Micki Browning views her 22 years in law enforcement as a masterclass in how to write a book. She saw humanity in all its forms and interacted with people from all walks of life. From this experience, Browning has been able to extrapolate many things such as the various stories and struggles she encountered in her interactions. While she doesn't write true crime novels, she has brought her detailed knowledge of police procedure to her award-winning "Mer Cavallo" mystery series, featuring an amateur sleuth as the main character. Browning also assists other writers that don't have the law enforcement background to inform their writing.

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  • Hey Micki, I watched your video & read a few things about you & if you have time to reach out to me that would be lovely. I’m working on my book, well I have it all written down & finished & I was nting some guidance. Thank you  

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