The Singapore Writers' Group and the Value of Belonging to a Writing Community - podcast

When her family relocated to Singapore from the UK, author Alice Clark-Platts was able to focus more on her writing but found she was missing a sense of community. She put out some feelers to see if there were others in need of writing support and encouragement and discovered that Singapore had a large group of Singaporeans and expats aspiring to get published. In response, Clark-Platts founded the Singapore Writers' Group in 2012 which has grown to include over 1,500 writer members. The organization offers opportunities to get feedback, workshops, author speaking engagements, and more. Additional incentives are available to a select group of members. She strongly encourages writers to seek out and join similar groups or find support in their own communities to help build confidence in their writing abilities.

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    Need the encouragement, Thanks

  • I've found out that the saying is true that, "no one can do it alone". These words reinforce the isolated to reachout and open ourselves to opportunities when we have them. ALC is a blessing. It's only been a little while and already I feel progression for the first time since finishing my manuscript. I want to succeed so I hope for as much of all resources to help me. I need all paths of finances to succeed that ALC has to offer. I don't want to try doing it alone anymore. I welcome your support. 

  • I like that advice--finding fellow writers in my community.

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    where can i join a writing group ?

  • Jordan Sands here, author of The Hollywood Serial Killers, The Honolulu Serial Killers and coming soon The Poison Lady-Bad Blood. My question is how did you go about founding a writers group. We have one here in Oahu, but I don't like it.