Write All The Time - video

Author Beth Albright talks about how she is always writing, always open to ideas and always embracing the flow of creativity. She carries a notebook with her everywhere. What can you do to ensure that you write regularly and are always capturing your ideas?
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  • Writing all the time is great and developing the ability to move in and out of different writing spaces is definitely a major goal. I agree that time spent in various places can bring ideas to mind that we should jot down for future projects. I have definitely gotten into the habit of jotting down titles for books, memoirs and plays in the note app of my phone. its finding the time to manage the many ideas for writing projects that I haven't quite mastered. I love the idea of moving from storyline to storyline in the project development phase of writing. I also agree that writing should not be considered a chore. The discipline and focus needed to sit down and write can definitely  be a difficult task to master. I get the sense that in the lives of some authors, writing is the main aspect of what they do day to day and I am very interested in developing the mental agility needed to effortlessly slip into writing mode no matter what I am doing or wherever I happen to be. 

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