There's an App for That: I have an app -- how and where do I sell it? - article

Once you have created an app, you need to know what to do next. Two popular platforms for apps are iPhone and Android. To sell apps on the iPhone, you must go through Mac Developer. Register on the Mac Developer website and pay the fee. You will then receive access to the tools you need to submit your app to the iTunes App Store. The process is similar for Android. The Android Developer site offers a complex technical guide for those who wish to submit an app to the Android platform. Note that some companies, such as MobileRoadie and MyAppBuilder, will help you develop an app and will also take care of technical distribution details and any associated fees.

Once an app is accepted by the platform stores, readers may purchase it. iPhone users purchase apps at the iTunes App store. They use their iPhones to download apps from this store. Similarly, users with Android phones download apps from the Android Market store.

Readers who use phones generally can access apps in two ways. iPhone and Android both have a number of apps that are known as “book readers.” These fee-based readers will display large numbers of books. There are also stand-alone book apps. Stand-alone apps feature one book or a series of books by one author. These stand-alone apps often cost more than the books available in “book readers,” because usually they include bonus content.

Now that you know where the book apps are sold, it’s time to consider pricing. Here are some considerations to take into account when pricing an app. If the app only provides enhanced author content, the app is usually provided at no cost to the user. This type of app typically includes author interviews, appearance dates, interactive polls, and sample content. It is basically an advertisement. If the app offers readers the complete book, as well as bonus content, the pricing can be up to 30% higher than that of regular e-books. E-books range in price from free to $14.99. For an example of a stand-alone book app, look at the Artemis Fowl Library offered by Penguin Books.

The way books are being sold is rapidly evolving. Continue to do your research to keep abreast of the ever-changing technology of publishing books with apps

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