The First Draft: Let It Flow - video

Writing the first draft of a book is an exciting process, but it can also be quite terrifying. Pen Densham, Hollywood producer, writer, and director, tells the secret to overcoming the fear inherent in the writing process so you can finish your first draft. He says to think of the process more like an adventure than an adversarial process. When you're creating, you'd don't need to worry about being accurate—let it flow out of you. There is no wrong way to explore something you’ve never encountered before. Ignore anyone who tells you that you must do this and that by a certain page. Just go out there and see what kind of fun you can have. Once you finish writing the first draft of your book, the important thing is to celebrate. Relax, and then look at your work as something you’ve explored and discovered, and see what it tells you. The next draft is when you can begin to carve a more defined structure into your story.
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