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  • Using a Blog to Build a Platform for Writing a Book - video

    There are certain steps that every writer should take once they know they want to write a book - choose your topic and start an outline, research, and begin to think...
    Elizabeth Knox
    • Elizabeth Knox
  • Blogging: Free and Fee-Based Options - article

    So you want to start a blog? You’ve got great content, your fingers are a-ready at your keyboard, just itching to type out your next great blog post. But, there’s only...
    Natalie N. Aydin
    • Natalie N. Aydin
  • Blogging: Using Blogspot - article

    BlogSpot, also known as Blogger, has been a favorite blogging site for many new writers. In part, because BlogSpot is part of the Google family, its blogs are automatically...
    Michael Esser
    • Michael Esser
  • Author Learning Center
    • Author Learning Center