How it Works

Coming up with an idea for a book is very easy. Starting to write the book is easy. Writing a book to the finish and getting it published is a challenging and sometimes daunting task. Why is that? First, writing is a solitary exercise. In other words, when you write, you work alone. Second, with so many choices and options for publishing, distribution and marketing these days, you can be confused and unsure about what to do.

But you are not alone. You can find all the help you need with the Author Learning Center (ALC).

This site is a one-of-kind online author education community designed to help educate, motivate, and support you as you follow your path to becoming a published author. 

A free trial to get you started.

To take advantage of your free trial, simply click a button like the one shown below anywhere on the site and follow the prompts.

Click on any button like this and start your free trial


Set up an account and put your credit card on file. Your card will not be charged until your free trial period is complete and you can cancel at any time to avoid any future charges.

Account set up is simple and quick and you can cancel at anytime.


Once you have your account set up you will be directed to your profile page. This is a very important step as you join the ALC community because it tells us what information you need to help you on your journey.  It also helps you get connected to other members when they search the site looking for people with whom they want to share information and invite to their Author Circles.

Completing your profile helps us send you the expert advice you want and enables you to make connections with members.


The Author Space is your command center

Once you have filled in your profile you will be directed to your Author Space. This is where you will land every time you log in. In the Author Space you will have a quick view of all the key features of the site and have content pushed to you based on what you told us in your profile. So every time you log in you will see the latest interviews, webinars and articles on the topics you want to see. 

Every time you log in we will send you the latest insights on the topics which are of most interest to you.


The Book Launch tool helps you set goals and track your progress

From the Author Space you are one click away from the Book Launch Tool. This unique online tool helps you set goals and track progress for all the important tasks on your journey from idea to finished book to marketing. The first time you go to the Book Launch Tool, you will be asked to pick a date when you want to launch your book and then we will help you know when you need to finish your manuscript to make that date. You also will have a list of tasks you can choose from to help you get to your goal.  You can ignore or delete some tasks and change the order in which you work on them if you like. The tool is yours to use however you like.  You can also set deadlines for when you want to complete the task and mark it finished when you do. Once you start your trial period and log on, there is also a helpful video that explains how the Book Launch Tool works.

With the Book Launch Tool, you can set a date for your book launch, pick the tasks you need to get there and track your progress.


Create your own Author Circles for help along the way

Once you set up a book project, you can also create an Author Circle with people who can encourage you, review your book and provide guidance every step of the way along your journey. You can invite people you know if they are ALC members and people you know who are not members of the site. You can also search the site for ALC members who you might want to invite, plus we will even suggest some members you may want to consider. No matter how you find them, the end result is you can have a circle of people to help you get to your goal.

Once you start your trial period and log on, there is also a helpful video that explains how the Author Circle works.

With the exclusive Author Circle tool, you can invite people you know or that we recommend to help you at every step of your author journey.


Have a question? The ALC has the answer.

In addition to the community and tools, the ALC has the most comprehensive collection of information and insights on virtually any topic related to writing, editing, publishing and marketing.  You can join a webinar, search the site for topics of interest, or tell us what you want and we will feed it to your Author Space.

A GPS for your publishing journey that you can try for free.

No matter what your experience or where you are on your journey, the Author Learning Center can help you navigate the publishing landscape and help you reach your goal. So don’t delay. Start your free trial today!