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Authors are in the business of selling books, and book signings are just one place for authors to connect with readers. There are many kinds of events beyond book signings that are the perfect place to snag a boatload of sales. This may take some thinking outside the box, but you will be glad you made the effort.

One common place for authors to gather is a book festival. Book festivals are held year round all over the world. These events bring together book-o-philes of all ages. Festivals offer wide-ranging press to authors and a huge opportunity to connect with readers. The largest book festivals require extensive applications, but being accepted into one can bolster sales and is well worth the time and effort. Two large events are the Texas Book Festival and the New York Book Festival. For worldwide festivals, go to to see an updated list of events that are available to authors.

Another group of author-friendly events is content related. Think about your book’s purpose. There is an event for almost everything. If you write science fiction, consider attending one of the many science fiction conventions around the country. If you write Civil War history, there are related events and organization for both war buffs and history buffs. If gardening is what you write about, you can probably find a nearby home and garden show, garden club, or even a local nursery at which to hold an event. Think about events that connect with your work, and contact the organizers. You’re an expert. You wrote a book. They may already be so interested in your content that they will pay you to come and speak. That’s just bonus income.

Convention events might seem too big and too much. You can find many places right in your own neighborhood that are great to connect with readers. If you’ve written a nutrition book you might find dozens of readers on a Saturday morning at the local farmer’s market. What about that local health fair? On a busy day, you might sell a hundred books. If your book has a spiritual theme you could host events at churches, wellness centers, and retreat spots. Think about local events such as sporting events, home shows, charitable benefits (you could donate a portion of sales to the organization), and anywhere else people gather. Any of these could be a great place for you set up a table and get your words out.

Be aware. You might try something outside the box that doesn’t lead to the sales you expected. It might take a few misses in your journey to find the most effective places to sell your books. But every event offers an increase in exposure and practice marketing. Don’t get discouraged, keep trying new things. Your hard work will pay off.

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