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  • Media Tour: How to Organize a Virtual Media Tour - article

    Listen, like Bob Dylan’s song says, “Times they are a’changin’.” Readers have flocked online in droves. You may hold your real life events, but your readers may stay...
    Molly Blaisdell
    • Molly Blaisdell
  • Media Tour: What is a Virtual Media Tour Exactly? - article

    A virtual media tour is like a traditional media tour, except you don’t generally have to get out of your pajamas. Virtual media tours include bloggers, radio stations...
    Molly Blaisdell
    • Molly Blaisdell
  • Book Tours - article

    Readers and writers love to blog about books. Their grassroots promotion efforts boost the exposure of a book (but not necessarily the sales). Many authors use the vast...
    Molly Blaisdell
    • Molly Blaisdell
  • How to Create Your Own "Living Room" Book Tour - article

    In a time where big-name stores are closing and independent coffee house are becoming extinct, the traditional places for an author to do readings are diminishing rapidly...
    Michael Esser
    • Michael Esser
  • Skype Tours - article

    A Skype tour for authors is a great online promotional tool for writers of young adult and children’s books. If this is your genre, it will help you market your published...
    Shells Walter
    • Shells Walter