Creating the Hook for Your Book - article

Every book needs a hook. A hook is an irresistible reason for a reader to read your book and can go a long way in your book publicity efforts. You need to stand out in a noisy world. What makes your book unique? Your answer will make the difference between your book being lost in the noise of the vast media flood bombarding individuals daily and your book rising up and arresting the attention of an individual and converting him into a reader. It will also determine whether media outlets will be interested in dedicating time and space to your message to help spread the word.

Elements of a Good Hook

A hook should be a short, focused burst of information about the book. Vague and rambling book descriptions will have potential readers tuning you out in a heartbeat. Moreover, a hook is not a condensed version of your book, but should be just a taste that will leave a potential reader begging for more. This is no place to be modest and retiring. You need to dig deep, be bold and use moxie and infuse your hook with these qualities.


For fiction, identify the main character of the book and introduce the major conflict in your story. You need to know what makes your book distinctive from others in your genre. Why does your book stand out in the crowd? Don’t forget to mention your setting and above all, describe the action. Don’t be boring. Add excitement and interest with vivid nouns and active verbs that capture the essence of the action.


Nonfiction, as well as fiction, must have a hook to attract potential book buyers. A nonfiction book should stand out from the crowd. It needs to address a timely subject. You can draw readers to a topic through a powerful question, an engaging anecdote or a shocking, unexpected observation. Also be sure to showcase intriguing facts. Avoid a bland academic tone. Finally, if the author is a known expert, offer one or two credentials. An author’s platform should be clear. Your hook is one of your most valuable marketing tools. Take time to devise this important piece of your marketing and publicity plan. Don’t let one opportunity to get away!

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