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  • Tips for Developing Your Book's Elevator Pitch - article

    An elevator pitch conveys the essence of your book in a way that is credible, concise and compelling. The objective is to pique the interest of the listener in a way...
    Author Learning Center
    • Author Learning Center
  • Authors Share the Importance of the Elevator Pitch - video

    Do you have an elevator pitch for your book? If you don't know what it is or why you need one, check out this set of interviews from new authors who have been learning...
    Author Learning Center
    • Author Learning Center
  • Creating the Hook for Your Book - article

    Every book needs a hook. A hook is an irresistible reason for a reader to read your book and can go a long way in your book publicity efforts. You need to stand out...
    Molly Blaisdell
    • Molly Blaisdell
  • Perfect Pitch - recorded webinar

    Here’s a 30-second pitch you’ll want to embrace. Author and professional communication coach Steve Piacente will offer tips and techniques on how to create a quick,...
    Steve Piacente
    • Steve Piacente
  • Create Your Book's Elevator Speech - article

    If you have ever searched for a job, you have probably been advised to create and perfect your elevator speech. In other words, know how to describe who you are and...
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