How to Create a Press Kit for Your Book

You want to grab the attention of as many people as possible when you release your book. That's where the press kit comes in. Press kits, or media kits as they're sometimes called, are "a package of promotional material provided to members of the press to brief them, especially about a product, service, or candidate." Before we dive into what goes into a press kit, let's talk about why they're important for your book marketing campaign.

Press kits are usually sent before your book is published and include an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) so interviewers and reviewers can acquaint themselves with your work. Book reviewers have their own publishing deadlines to meet, so the sooner a press kit can be sent the better. Plus, if you're planning on including any reviews or accolades on your book's cover or interior, you (or your publisher) will want those added as soon as possible to avoid pushing back your book's release date.

"...authors make their press kits available on their websites or blogs for easiest and quickest access."

Next, let's go over how you get your press kit into the hands of the people who want it. A press kit can be provided as a hard copy packet, but keep in mind that sending physical versions can get pretty expensive. Fortunately, we live in the digital age and, more often than not, a PDF will work just fine. Most authors make their press kits available on their websites or blogs for easy access, too.  All that being said, you'll want to have both versions available just in case. More importantly, nothing gets a manuscript rejected faster than not following instructions. If you send a hard copy when they request a PDF, say goodbye to that potential review.

Now the pièce de résistance: what to include in your press kit. Here's what you'll need:

 • Author Biography

 • Elevator Pitch

 • Press Release

 • Sell Sheet

 • Book Excerpt (a couple pages worth, usually from the beginning)

 • Contact info (address, phone, email)

 • Photos (book cover, author photo, etc.)

Put the same amount of effort into your press kit as you did with your book and it'll show. Along with taking the first step towards creating a strong marketing campaign, you'll also increase your chances of getting noticed by reviewers. Not all reviews will be winners, but a good review can be all that stands between a book becoming a bestseller or finding its way into the bargain bin. 

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