Press Release: What is it? - article

A press release is an important and very useful way to market your book and yourself as an author. Major publishing houses send out press releases often months before the book has even been published. A press release builds excitement so the public will know when to run out and buy your book.

The press release is comprised of the book’s title, author’s name, description of the book, sometimes a photo of the book’s cover or the author, ISBN, biography of the author, name of the publisher and the date the book will be available in stores. The press release is often sent out before the book’s publication date, but this is variable. The length of a press release is usually 1 page. A bigger publicity package is known as a press kit.

A press release is useful to you because it gives the general public and the media notice of your pending book. The press release is the one thing readers may see before they get their hands on your book. Press releases are also often sent with advance review copies of your book for reviewers so they have a little background with which to write their articles.

Press releases come out in digital and paper format. No matter how they are sent out, they are an important part of the marketing process. You want to let people know about your book, and the publicity of a press release adds impetus for readers to try something new or purchase yet another book written by tried-and-true you.

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