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  • Press Releases: How to Create One - article

    So you want to write a professional press release. This quick guide will run through the key elements that make up an acceptable press release. You should remember that...
    Michael Esser
    • Michael Esser
  • Press Release: What is it? - article

    A press release is an important and very useful way to market your book and yourself as an author. Major publishing houses send out press releases often months before...
    Shells Walter
    • Shells Walter
  • Press Release: Going Above and Beyond - article

    A video press release contains similar content as a standard release, except it is in a movie format that you can see online or download onto your computer. With a...
    Shells Walter
    • Shells Walter
  • Press Release: How to Distribute It - article

    Getting out a press release to announce your book is as important a marketing tool as any promotion event. There are several services that can write one for you, or...
    Shells Walter
    • Shells Walter
  • Making the Best Use of Press Releases - video

    Wondering how to best use press releases? Laura Rossi Totten, founder of Laura Rossi Public Relations, advises that authors think more broadly about publicity and...
    Laura Rossi
    • Laura Rossi