Why People Participate In Crowd Funding Projects - podcast

Sang Lee, Founder of returnonchange.com, explains why a writer might consider using crowdfunding to finance a book project, and why supporters participate. Crowdfunding has an emotional aspect and financial. When someone is considering supporting a crowdfunding project, the emotional side is what really drives them. When it comes to crowdfunding for authors, people fund the project because they want to support something that they want to read and see in existence. There are often financial perks for the funder too, such as getting a free copy of the book once it's published, or sharing in the profits.
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  • I can't forget the very day, five years precisely in the banking hall as a banking officer/accountant when the Holy Spirit told me clearly that; "I have commissioned you to be a famous author of many books in seven genres!" I was very surprised and asked myself how coul I write in all the seven genre? And he said to me as I heard Him clearly "I will be the one writing for you George." The following week two Pastors from different areas told me clearly the same message that the Lord want me to write as many books too quickly for the world for His sake and that is the beginning of my calling. I resisted for two weeks because I loved my banking job so much. I had a dream and old man wearing a glowing white robe told clearly "George, you will leave the banking and write books for me for the world is waiting for your books. You have everything to produce great books." I said OK Sir and He shakes my hands and blew some white wind over me as I remember clearly. So I left my banking job and begun to write and glory to God I knew from that day that the writing knowledge transfer was given to me for my generation. To cut the long story short I started writing since that day and have never stopped and now I can say I have 18 completed books (one novel, Poetry, Christian Religious, Textbooks-Phonics, Motivational, Historical, Business, political etc.) Some few are now at amazon.com and the rest is also ready to be published. The Lord told me I shouldn't worry about the selling for he Himself will bring people to fund me or partner me to reach my publishing goals. I got to this wonderful platform by the grace of God and I looking for the great people out there, publishing firm, movie companies or any institution or anybody out there who is touched and wished to make strong impact with me in the world to support or partner me with ($50,000) to begin publish and promote three of my best work, "THE CHALLENGE AND THE BRAVE 1" "What is Christianity?"  and "Poems of Prosperity Manual" to reach out the wider world to fulfill my Godly mission and produce more books. I am also ready to sell some of my books to anybody or institutions who is interested in my writings or write specific books for anyone looking to become an author in the world. You can read any of my books to see the quality of my writings inspired by the Holy Spirit. Anyone can contact me through my Gmail (ntigkwaku@gmail.com) May the Lord bring YOU to me. Thank you more. 

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