Do You See Them? There Are Angels Everywhere!

by Barbara Wilson

About the Book

While attending church as a youth, Barbara Wilson often heard of miracles occurring throughout history without any idea that these everyday gifts from God could be so accessible, especially for her. Yet through her own unfortunate experiences with tragedy and heartbreak, Barbara would eventually discover that miracles are available to anyone seeking divine intervention. In a poignant memoir, Barbara offers a candid perspective into her life story with the intention of providing hope and empowerment to those living with addictive disorders or serious medical challenges. While leading others through her fascinating journey beginning with her childhood, Barbara shares insight into what it is like to witness a near-death experience, explores the miracles encountered through this experience and afterwards, and offers ways for others to access and interpret spiritual messages and signs in order to effectively manage challenges and manifest positive outcomes. Do You See Them? There Are Angels Everywhere! is the memoir of a Christian’s journey through life as she learned to accept and embrace the miracles that prepared her for tragedy and ultimately inner peace.

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