by Michael Higgs

About the Book

Technology is so ubiquitous and such an integral part of our lives and our culture that we take it for granted. Indeed, technological advancement is bringing wonderful enhancements to our lives in the form of productivity, ease, comfort, convenience, and fun. But technology is always changing. So where will we be in ten years? Will technology result in a utopian society, or will the picture be much bleaker and darker? Here is the ugly truth: this rapid, exponential growth of IT will soon bring massive, even cataclysmic, social disruption and upheaval. In many fields of employment, IT is taking humans out of the equation and making us obsolete. Entire job classifications and industries will soon disappear. Will yours be one of them? To make matters worse, many “fall back jobs” that people currently rely on to help them get through the tough times caused by layoffs will soon be gone. Think about this impending future development: What will millions of people do when they cannot find a job of any kind, at any amount of pay? Where will they turn? How will they respond? And what will be the effect on society overall? The vast majority of people are unaware of what will soon happen. According to IT Revolution, we, as a society, are like the passengers on the Titanic, coasting along comfortably and complacently, blissfully ignorant of the disaster that looms before us. We are taking a “head in the sand” approach to the future, believing that disasters will happen to “somebody else” or that “the government will take care of me”. But disaster will soon happen to many of us, maybe even all of us, and the government won’t be able to help us. So we must prepare to be able to respond to the future, and we must start preparing now. This is a book that will trouble you. It will antagonize you. It will scare you. But it will also give you hope. As you read IT Revolution, you will discover • How and why the $15 per-hour minimum wage movement will backfire on those demanding that it be implemented • The serious downside of modern-day white collar life • Why technology is rapidly morphing from our Servant to our Master • That technology is not just affecting the white collar world; many blue collar and service jobs are at risk of disappearing • How “Supervisoritis” is harming quality of life for millions of people in the industrialized world and costing western economies billions of dollars annually • How “higher education” is leaving many graduates woefully unprepared for the “real world” • How a major failure of the education system is leading to the removal of millions of people from the workforce and the rapid takeover of industries by IT • A question company leaders need to answer in order to start moving down the road to progress and financial success • What specific steps you can start taking now to shield yourself and your family form the coming disaster Tough times lie ahead for all of us. But it’s not too late for you to take action. It’s not too late to prepare. But we as individuals, family members, leaders of companies, and society as a whole, must act now. Why not let this riveting, fascinating book serve as a practical roadmap?

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