Keeper of the Sacred Scroll

by JR Swisher

About the Book

The world is chaotic, especially if you're unfortunate enough to be born a Nouban, a member of an alien race that faces constant persecution while living on Earth. For Sapphira Jacobine Pham, called Jake, life is unusually cruel-she's tasked with finding the heir to her king's throne, and the only clue of finding this important heir is the sacred scroll she's supposed to guard. Once upon a time, Jake herself was the heir, but now she must find a replacement. Although she find hints of another possible person to take the throne, Jake keeps running into problems-whether it's her rivals or her brothers, she seems to be a trouble magnet. She's distracted further when a handsome, well-meaning male of another alien race called Eurans lands in Jake's lap in a situation that seems too good to be true. Of course, when things seem brightest, there's always someone who demands the light be put out. Now only time will tell whether Jake escapes danger long enough to bring about peace. In this fantasy novel, a young member of an alien race living among humans sets out on a mission to find the next heir to the throne of her people.

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