The Unvalued but Most Valuable: Rubbish-free Brain's Memory and Hatred-free Society

by Providence Imanikundabayo

About the Book

Isolation threatens many if not most, however, for a minority; it is a great opportunity to exploit. The Unvalued but Most Valuable: His father abandoned him, and the boy didn't manage to make it for school for three years. At risk of indulging himself in drugs abuse, but the boy provided no room for fruitless habits. Relatives and acquaintances hated the boy and the boy kept his eyes blind to their evil deeds and ears deaf to their insults to keep on with his move to a rubbish-free brain's memory possession and fight for hatred-free society. The so hated finally become the so loved while the unvalued got the value it deserved. This for both young and middle aged who value razor sharpened brain and unity.

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