The Breeding Ground

by B.L. Breininger

About the Book

Blond and beautiful, Janine, a successful architect with a great-looking boyfriend, seems to have everything going for her. But underneath, her world is coming apart, and she needs to get away to understand why. She decides to return to her childhood vacation home in the woods, which no one in her family has visited in years. This is where the story filled with mystery and terror begins. Upon her arrival, she is instantly plunged into a horrifying world full of deadly beasts living in the woods surrounding her cabin. As she fights to survive their attacks, her long-repressed memories come flooding back, and the terror from without is only exceeded by the terror from within. Janine’s struggle is an epic story of courage and determination in overcoming the real-life demons of her dreams. Brenda B.’s exciting first novel brings to mind a combination of Stephen King’s isolated terror mixed with a dash of Dean Koontz–like supernatural aura all tied together in an explosive, tightly wound battle that will tie your stomach in knots!

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