Shulamite Woman

by Janeen M. Chambers

About the Book

Opal is a successful event specialist. On a mission trip to Jerusalem, she finds herself lost in the unexpected — Daniel. Daniel is a Theological Professor and top financial advisor. Bigger-than-life, stunningly handsome, and God-fearing, he has all the qualities that make most women leap out of their skin. Electrified by his presence, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But how can someone so perfect exist, let alone be single? Consumed with intrigue, Opal needs to discover the catch and unveil the truth. But as she treads closer and closer to Daniel and his reality, her heart gives way and she falls deeply in love - they both do. Caught in the rapture of love, she can see her future with him until the very things that intrigued her about Daniel begin to threaten their relationship. Now, Opal needs to face the truth about him and fight an inner war with her own painful past that his presence manifested.

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