Hell No I Don't Remember, I Have Alzheimer's!

by Beth Withers Banning

About the Book

"Hell No I Don't Remember, I Have Alzheimer's!" were the very words spoken by one of our loved ones when asked if they remembered. Dementia and Alzheimer's are inordinate diseases that steal away the thoughts, memories, and perspectives of those impacted. They are villains that corrode the filters of one's mind leaving them open for more decay. Four authors have collaborated to share their experiences about the reality of caring for loved ones who have dementia/Alzheimer’s. If you are struggling with this disease as a caregiver, you will undoubtedly identify with many of the same experiences. It is our hope that our shared stories give you solace in knowing others are walking this journey with you. You are not alone. Perhaps you can find a respite in each chapter and take away valuable information.

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