Putting on the Armor of God: A survival handbook for the Great Awakening and New Earth

by Isabella Young

About the Book

It’s exhilarating to be alive in this time of awakening and bifurcating consciousness. It can also be confusing, disorientating, frightening, and painful in a world that has become unrecognizable. If you feel as if you’ve entered an alternate reality where nothing makes sense, fear and divisions are manufactured, rights are removed, free speech is suppressed, questions forbidden, good is evil, and evil is good, you’re not alone. You may find yourself asking… “What’s really going on in the world?” “How do I navigate through unprecedented change?” “What can I do to optimize my health and protect myself and my family?” “How can I contribute to the freedom and future of Humanity?” This book answers these questions by addressing the root cause of world events and offering simple, practical information that will bring clarity, increase personal power, optimize health, establish sovereignty, confer protection, and help us to co- create a splendiferous future for humankind. This information is long forgotten, occulted, censored, and considered extremely dangerous, because wisdom from ancient and indigenous traditions holds the keys that will enable us to survive and thrive, individually and collectively. Keepers and teachers of ancient wisdom have been burned alive, suicided, publicly denounced, and deplatformed because higher knowledge is crucial for our well-being, our freedom, and the future of Humanity. As prophesied, the Great Awakening is upon us, and now is time for this information to become public knowledge. If you only read one book to survive these turbulent, revelatory, and biblical times, make it this one. It is healing balm for your heart and salve for your soul.

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