BPD... 123... I'm Free: A Spiritual Guide to Freedom from Borderline Personality Disorder

by Laura Patterson

About the Book

Borderline Personality Disorder can be debilitating. Often, people are told the disorder is not recoverable. Laura Patterson did recover, and now shares with other BPD sufferers exactly how she healed. A highly trained inner healing minister herself, Laura combines her knowledge of trauma informed emotional healing, psychology and spiritual formation, with her personal healing journey, to walk readers through their own journey to complete healing from BPD. Sufferers of BPD are often overwhelmed with symptoms like depression, anxiety, black and white thinking, and emotional lability, experiences Laura knows all too well. Laura offers a private Facebook support group for all purchasers of the book, as well as individual counseling through her organization, the Be Healed Network. Her email address is provided at the end of the book for those interested in support.

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