Torn Between Two Worlds: Modern Medicine and Spiritual Healing

by Shawn T Murphy

About the Book

In the first three books of the Torn Between Two Worlds series, we established a framework for human dualism. In the fourth book, we moved from a philosophical discussion to a hands-on, self-help presentation, providing helpful answers to everyday issues. In the first half of the book, we define the possible spiritual illnesses that can affect you and your loved ones. These are the underlying causes that are being either unrecognized or misdiagnosed by the medical community. The second half of the book provides many ways to increase your spiritual strength and increase your resistance to the negativity that you are subjected to. Every human being can aspire to their full potential, and therefore, all the suggestions from this book can be used to move closer to this goal, regardless of the current state of spiritual health you find yourself in. In this book, we discover the various tools available to overcome the spiritual afflictions that we or our loved ones suffer from. At the end of this book, you should not only have tools to assist you, but also have a guide on how they can be implemented in your life.

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