The Brinbridge Atonement: A Human Trail

by Risa Voluntad

About the Book

The Brinbridge Atonement is set in a timeless post Victorian era where the decline of the industrial revolution is taking place; and the transition into post fascism, communism, and the beginning of socialist society was captivating the new world. The scientific experimentation of physicists such as those occurring in the laboratory of Dr. Blaston Lavine at the University, Campimeter in the 18th century, was done in secrecy. Concepts of cloning, artificial insemination, and invitro-fertilization were almost unheard of, and teetered on the verge of imagination, often being dismissed as mere science fiction. In this story, however, they are factors of Professor Jeremi’s legacy and Winnard’s life as he transitions into manhood and the Master of his house. There is the upsurge of a collectivist elite, wherein lies a story of scientific experimentation that explores incestuous derivations, connotative familial espionage, and courtship reeling the borders of treason. Love, passion, and trust are the mortar that bridge this atonement in an account of a human trial.

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