Finding the Path of Me: Awakening to Remembering Who I Am and Why I Am Here

by Wendy Hutchinson

About the Book

The Journey Begins the Moment You Choose You

"Who am I and why am I here?" It felt like there was more to life than this.

This sparked the journey to find myself. It was often emotionally painful, but only through emotional healing can transformation occur. I had to face my deepest fears to ascend and go higher vibrationally.

It felt at times like the complete destruction and decomposition of me. Slowly, I brought the fractals of myself that I had so carelessly given away back together. Unknowingly I embarked on a journey of spiritual awakening. There was an organic path that unfolded as I ventured into the unknown. A pattern of awareness, inner work, and clearing happened over and over as I spiraled up the mountain. Sometimes life broke me, but I rose stronger.

This book is a guide for anyone navigating their own ascension path. It offers tools to help people overcome adversity and find courage to release what no longer serves them and is also a reminder that they were born worthy.

What you will learn from this book:

How your family of origin story impacts your adult mindset and behavior patterns.

An understanding of energy, frequency, and consciousness and how it affects your life.

The process of healing emotional wounds, shedding and releasing what no longer serves you, and how it will change your life.

How to love yourself and align with your truth to live an empowered and authentic life.

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