Journeys With Jimmy Carter and Other Adventures in Media

by Barry Jagoda

About the Book

Journeys with Jimmy Carter and Other Adventures in Media reveals deep knowledge of elections, traditional and new media, and the importance of seeking new journeys throughout one's life. Assistant to Jimmy Carter, Emmy-winning producer for CBS coverage of the first man on the moon and the Watergate scandal, and public affairs expert Barry Jagoda writes of his dramatic roots and rise from Texas to New York City and Washington DC, becoming a noted authority on the powerful use of new and legacy media. According to Theodore H. White, the "secret weapon" for Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign, "understanding the process of television news coverage was essential for winning the White House. . . . Barry Jagoda brought that dimension to the Carter campaign." This modern history describes effective use of media tools in politics, business development and brand promotion, and includes practical tips on the use of media to promote candidates and defeat others in 2020.

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