A Message from the Neighbours

by Vincent J. Hyde

About the Book

In the near future, Earth is depleted of natural resources but peace reigns over the planet. Director of Space Research Joseph Samuels has an important task as he explores the universe. After so many years of silence, Earth’s radio telescopes detect an intelligent signal from a small vessel heading towards our solar system. It’s a miraculous scientific breakthrough, but the signal also begs the question: is Earth in danger from outside invaders? To develop a plan of action, Joseph meets with experts in religion, defense, and science. The plan is set: Earth will send two astronauts in an unarmed shuttle to intercept the incoming vessel. Luckily, the mysterious space probe locks onto the astronauts’ radio signal and makes a connection. A robot named “Interface” contacts the Earth shuttle and explains he has been programmed to be peaceful, but nothing is certain in this brave new world. With information from Interface, the astronauts return to Earth and meet with Joseph. The science gleaned from Interface could change everything we ever believed about space and our place in it. With alien life no longer a theory but a fact, what will Joseph do with this new information, and what long-ranging consequences might his actions set in motion?

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