Discipleship 5K A Physical and Spiritual Journey to the Cross

by Heather Neds

About the Book

Discipleship 5K: A Physical and Spiritual Journey to the Cross is Heather Neds’ first book but is a project she has been sculpting her whole life. It was through her personal journey that she found similarities in the disciplines needed to lead a healthy lifestyle and to cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus. In a world where there aren’t enough hours in the day, Discipleship 5K provides an effective way to double down and use exercise time as prayer time. Jesus did not tell the disciples the journey would be easy, He only asked them to leave their nets behind and follow. If He had told them being a disciple requires sacrifice, demanding work, and endurance, perhaps they would have remained by the seashore. Discipleship 5K provides guided instructions for prayer and physical fitness to build the discipline needed to be the best disciple you can be.

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