606 University: A Lee W. Hickok Novel

by William Lynes MD

About the Book

When a tormented scream arouses an intoxicated Lee W. Hickok from his unconscious state, he wonders if he has died. After the alcoholic urologist pulls himself upright inside an old fraternity house, he gazes across the empty party room and notices the balcony door is open. As he shakily crawls across the floor to close it, he gazes down, looking for the source of the scream. What he sees below changes everything in an instant. The beautiful medical student heiress, Siobhan Maloney, has plunged to her death during a debauched party near the University of Texas. Clutched in her hand is a mysterious necklace. As questions mount as to whether Siobhan fell, jumped, or was pushed, the only witness is Hickok, her former married lover, passed out in an adjacent room when the event occurred. The suspects include sexual predators, lovers, and of course, Hickok. As an investigation unfolds, Hickoks less-than-perfect life is exposed, leaving him to face a monumental decision. In this fast-paced, whodunit mystery, a drunken surgeon is left to pick up the pieces of his life after he becomes the sole witness to an heiresss deadly plunge from a balcony during a frat party.

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