Dream Job Discovery: How to Find a Job That Fuels Your Passion and Inspires Your Purpose

by Ken Steven

About the Book

Ken Steven spent most of his career working in jobs he disliked, chasing opportunities for bigger paychecks to fund a better lifestyle he became too miserable to enjoy. He desperately wanted to find a job he could feel passionate about doing, but he had no clue what his passion was. Maybe you can relate. Frustrated that the conventional passion discovery methods were fruitless for him, Ken spent sixteen years researching, developing, and testing a better way. The result was his creation of the DreamJob Type Indicator (DJTI), the only career assessment specifically designed to identify the type of work that will make you feel PASSIONATE and PURPOSE-DRIVEN. In Dream Job Discovery, he reveals that finding your "dream job" is no longer just a dream. When you follow his revolutionary four-step process, which includes taking the DJTI assessment, you'll: eliminate frustrating trial and error in finding a job you love; better understand your values, a crucial first step if you want joy in your job—these are your DreamJob Truths; use the DJTI assessment to discover your passions even if you have no clue right now what your passions are—this is your DreamJob Type; identify your aptitudes, personality type, behavioral style, and natural talents—these are your DreamJob Traits; and master how to leverage your Truths, Type, and Traits to land a job you'll love—this is your DreamJob Transition. Life is too short to remain STUCK and STAGNATING in a soul-sucking job. Read this book and discover how to crush any obstacles standing in your way of escaping paycheck purgatory to earn a passion paycheck.

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