My God, It's Cancer

by Courtney A Mullings

About the Book

Life is not fair! Imagine going steadfastly through life, enjoying a healthy lifestyle, playing by the rules and obeying the Word of God, only to be blindsided by a terminal cancer diagnosis in the prime of your life. In My God, It's Cancer, Courtney Mullings shares the inspiring story of the medical, emotional and spiritual struggles encountered on his journey with what science defines as an incurable cancer. His exceptional life moments with the disease are encapsulated and documented to reveal episodes of struggles with guilt and unworthiness, and how he coped with the multiple failures and setbacks through his faith. Travel with him to experience how he continuously sought God as his refuge and remained fervently faithful that he would receive complete healing through God's grace. Courtney's faith gave him indomitable strength. Learn how his outrageous faith reinforces the concept of transcendental hope beyond what can be seen or reasoned through our natural senses, but as he has experienced from God. By telling his story, he hopes to inspire, motivate and reach the many people who want to believe there is hope for their individual situations, but may be challenged by the realities of current circumstances. His story will help you to appreciate that life will inevitably present daunting challenges, but you have a choice in how you respond. God provides us with unlimited solutions through grace to address all of life's challenges. What level of faith are you willing to invest in God for your best outcome?

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