James Magner

by James Magner

About the Book

There are few things more intriguing in life than a hunt for hidden treasures. In a collection of short stories, commentaries, essays, and a novella, James Magner presents diverse characters, engaging plots, and enriching insights into the human condition. Within Magner's stories, his characters search for buried gold, seek a forgotten safe, lift cash from gangsters, solve a murder, escape Nazi-occupied Vienna with hidden assets, secure loot from a Spanish shipwreck, assist an uncle who may be living on top of a goldmine, and embark on other adventures that lead to entertaining and sometimes dangerous situations. Magner's essays explore a variety of topics including the necessary limits of science as a tool for understanding the meaning of our lives and the world, and the significant role of luck in life and poker. Finally in a novella set in Las Vegas in 2015 during a famous international poker tournament, Magner details a deceitful conspiracy scheme while also recounting his real-life experiences as he won more than a quarter of a million dollars (lifetime winnings $400,000). Seeking Hidden Treasures shares the struggles and joys of an eclectic group of characters on unique quests to find riches with the potential to change their lives forever.

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