My Mama, My Mama Slipped Away from Us: Family Circle Emergency

by Rochell Irving

About the Book

On April 24, 2018, Rebecca Alcorn Clark-the woman Rochell Clark Irving adoringly called Mother-slipped away from her and her family. In that moment, their lives changed forever. In a heartfelt retelling of her mother's life and death, Irving shares insight into the life experiences and post-death remembrances of the first lady of Miracle Deliverance United Holy Church. While detailing her mother's greatest characteristics, Irving shines a light on her mother's fighting spirit, her unrelenting faith in God, and her ability to comfort and unconditionally love everyone in her family, despite her own trials and tribulations. As she leads others through her mother's life, passing, and beyond, Irving inspires others by detailing how she searched for and ultimately found hope in the midst of trauma. My Mama, My Mama Slipped Away from Us shares a daughter's story of love, loss, and rebirth after her mother passes away.

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