Living Less Stressed: Keeping Calm in the Chaos

by Jerry Ryan

About the Book

Your one-stop shop for fighting stress, this book will have you living less stressed in as little as ten weeks.

Through a combination of evidence-based methods, you’ll learn about the power of your brain chemistry and its effects on your thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behavior. You’ll discover how your brain chemicals impact your response to stress and how those chemicals are connected to your diet. You’ll find out how positive self-talk breaks your old neuro-firing patterns of negative thought.

With powerful exercises to help re-wire the brain connections that are keeping you stuck in fear, worksheets to help you determine what direction to go in life, and food lists that support your brain chemistry, this book will help you turn your life around.

The best thing about learning your own brain chemistry is finding out that You are the Head Chemist of your own life!

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