A Love Worth Having: Finding Unconditional Love When Storms Arise

by Temilolu Adegboye & Susannah Yetunde Oziegbe

About the Book

God may not always answer our prayers the way we want Him to, but knowing He is by our side amidst life’s battles and storms gives us A Love Worth Having.

That’s what Temilolu discovered when at just 31 years old, she found a lump in her breast. In this book, she chronicles the highs and lows of her journey from diagnosis through to surgery and treatment and tells of God’s love through it all.

Yet how do you hold onto hope when the doctors say there is nothing more they can do? And how do you maintain faith in the face of uncertainty?

Temilolu did not give up hope of being healed. She held on to her faith in the love of God. She was a warrior to the end.

Temilolu’s story was completed by her sister Susannah, who though fighting her own cancer battles, did not want the story to end in Temilolu’s death.

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