Alternative to the IMF: And Other Out of the Box Solutions

by Shahida Wizarat

About the Book

Different articles in the book reveal that Pakistan’s policies are made abroad, governments are made abroad and strategic routes and natural resources are given free or at nominal rates. Nothing seems to have changed since 1947 when Pakistan gained ‘independence’. And after giving our resources and routes for free, we go to the IMF for budgetary support. Excessive borrowing from the IMF started in the late 1980s causing decline in the growth of output, investment and employment, creating imbalances in income distribution, increasing poverty, with very adverse impact on the social and political fabric of the country. The book brings to the fore how state power is being used to demolish the state to take us to the colonial world order that existed prior to 1945. “Alternative to the IMF” offers out of the box solutions to agriculture, industry, balance of payments, public finance, natural resources, political economy, education, governance, privatization and liberalization problems afflicting the state of Pakistan. The strategies formulated for Pakistan are applicable to other countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc. that are facing similar problems due to borrowings from the IMF. I have also looked at the problems of Jammu and Kashmir and Afghanistan that have affected our economy, politics and society very severely and offered solutions.

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